It can be said that one of the worst places in the region is the treacherous Le Maire strait, the surroundings of Isla de los Estados and the southeastern sector of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, known as Península Mitre, especially the area that faces the Atlantic.

With many shipwrecks, causes are quite different from those in the Beagle Channel, Cape Horn, and the Strait of Magellan.
The only characteristic shared by both places is that, being treacherous, they become a trap –sometimes fatal— for those astonished sailors that had to face a storm or sudden calms associated with fast currents that drew the ships against the islands.

Isla de los Estados is characterized for being cloudy practically all the time. Clouds are trapped among hills making the island disappear on the horizon. In the surroundings, and especially on the northern side, the coast projects long ledges and is surrounded by rocks, islets, and some important islands; all of which are very low and difficult to see in a dark night or in the fog during typical calms.

To make matters worse, there is a strong current in areas such as Cabo San Diego (Península Mitre) that runs up to 4 knots. In calm, usual in the area, ships were washed ashore against rocks or long ledges.

Tidal ranges are important and go up to six meters. When charts were deficient, this made many ships touch without meaning it.

Se trata de una obra de teatro con características muy especiales, montada sobre un escenario natural donde bajo un sinnúmero de sensaciones encontradas los visitantes a modo de improvisados actores deben cumplir el rol de presos.



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