The Mitical Cape Horn is deservedly famous among all sailors around the world. Many ships dissapeared without leaving traces in this tempestuous and icy sea in the limit of the world.

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In fact, it is an island (Hornos I.) and its original name was HOORN CAAP. It was thus christened (January 1616) in memory of the port from where Schuten and Le Maire's Dutch expedition set sail. They had put to sea looking for a passage that made it possible to reach the East Indies without veering the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) and avoiding sailing in the Maguellan Strait that was reserved to the Dutch Company of the East Indies which had the trade monopolywith the East.

In the town of Hoorn Le Maire and Schouten founded the shipping company Maguellan or Austral Company best known as "Gold Searcher" Company and with two vessels they set sail in search of another passage. The Hoorn hooker set on fire in port Deseado while it was being careened and with the Eendracht (Concord) arrived in Indonesia. They were caught there because at first authorities did not accept the fact that they had discovered another navigable via. In fact, they engaged in this enterprise because they had the idea that they could be successful. Both Spain and the Low Countries knew that Drake had navigated in the South Seas south off Tierra del Fuego and from East to West. Besides, Spanish pilots claimed that there was another passage. But it was not before this voyage that it was thought for the first time that Tierra del Fuego was an island and not part of an Austral continent.From then on the Cape became the greatest of the challenges for all sail navigators and one of the most feared places for all those who have to sail through its meridian.






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