3rd International Open Tournament


3rd International Open Tournament

Museo Marítimo de Ushuaia

02.07 - 03.07.2019



Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

3rd International Open Tournament Maritime Museum of Ushuaia in the Former Presidio.
Organized by the Chess Circle of Ushuaia
Tuesday 2 and Wednesday July 3, 2019


The main referee will be from the Argentine Chess Federation, and the assistant referees: AR Ramiro López and AR Cristian Jorge. The director of the tournament will be Vicente Pozzoli.
Digital clocks will be used for time control, with 35 minutes plus 10 seconds of addition from initial move


Place of play, will be the optimum, Multi-Purpose Hall, of the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia


Game Days: Tuesday 2 and Wednesday July 3, 2019


Inauguration is scheduled for Tuesday, July 2 at 2:00 p.m.


Registration until 1:00 pm on July 2. Registration Fee: $ 1200, plus FADA fee. Includes accommodation and rationing for players from other cities.


Game System: Swiss to six rounds.


Tournament valid for the International Ranking


Declared of Municipal Interest by the Deliberative Council of Ushuaia, the 2017 and 2018 editions


Declared of Provincial Interest by the Legislature of Tierra del Fuego, the 1st and 2nd. edition


Winners of the Previous Editions:

In the first edition of the year 2017, he won GM Hernández Guerrero Gilberto Excampeón of MEXICO

In the second edition of the year 2018, took the 1st place GM Rodríguez Vila Andrés - Exchampeón of URUGUAY


Among the outstanding Participants of the 2019 edition, they are expected to:

The Argentine WMI Champion Florencia Fernández
Rodrigo Hurtado from Chile
IM Paveto Kevin CABA - Buenos Aires
IM Pérez Maximiliano -Buenos Aires
FM Aguilar Andrés - Comodoro Rivadavia
FM Mussanti Diego - July 9- Buenos Aires
CM Daneri Martin - Entre Ríos
Pamela Parma - Rosario



Cash prizes are provided for the first ten places.

In addition, prizes to the two Best players, Supra 60, Supra 50, Sub 18, Sub 14 and Sub 10



Civil Association Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

New San Group

Secretary of Sports of the Province

Municipal Sports Institute

Municipal Secretary of Social, Health and Human Rights Policies

Bank of Tierra del Fuego

Government of the Province of Tierra del Fuego


Secretary of the Woman of the Municipality of Ushuaia.

Master's Computing

FPV Block of the Legislature

Sanmartiniana Association of Ushuaia