Collective exhibition of Pintoras Fueguinas

06.04 - 29.04.2019

Annette Valoraire Workshop


Place of Exposition

Galería de Arte del Museo Marítimo de Ushuaia

Professor Annette Valotaire  directs the workshop, attended by several students who today exhibit their works in the exhibition.

The students have a space for creation, the theme is free, the materials used are acrylics, oils, brushes and spatulas. In the different groups, you will find the necessary warmth and well-being to express the secrets of the soul and pour them into the anxious fabrics.

With the passage of time each one is finding its way in art, hand in hand with the unconditional guide, achieving in the works an amazing evolution and this is reflected in the works of different themes and with a variety of colors that draw attention for the artistic and technical quality used.