15.02 - 30.03.2019

Diego Buey y Mercedes Chiesa


Place of Exposition

Art Gallery of Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

The exhibition

It seeks to express the unique essence of jazz. The improvisation, characteristic of this style, runs through the sheet as if it were a melody, letting glimpse the individuality and the temper of the performer.


As in jazz, each work has its own in which the author frees himself from the limits of the structure to let his ideas flow. The lines dance to the rhythm of the artist's pulse; they start from the shape, the stroke and the stain. Each element, like the accompanying instruments, fulfills its noble function.


Each step of the tour contains pictures and ideas. And in one of them, the same creative process is represented in three dimensions under the format of an installation.


This space expresses the creative thought and its place of conception, the imaginary of the artist, where the plots that will eventually result in lines on paper, in this case, swim, move and play around us, becoming spectators and participants of the work at the same time.


The artists

Diego Buey

The works selected in this occasion for the exhibition in the Gallery of the Museum, give intention of the work dedicated in the last year; where both The Rhythm and the Ink played a fundamental role as a means of interpreting them and also, why not, as a trigger and expressive catalyst.

The presence, both of the climate and the medium chosen to express the feeling and atmosphere of Jazz in its expression according to the eye of the artist.


Bio Diego Pablo Buey:

Born in 1971 in the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands. At three years old his family settled in Bs.As. And it is in 2016 that he undertakes his return to the Island.

In Bs.As., he received a degree in Advertising, attended the first year of Ballas Artes at Pridiliano Pueyrredón; At the same time, he began to attend the live model workshops in Estímulo de Bellas Artes; Years later, he entered the IUNA where he studied until his return to Tierra del Fuego.

He has made samples, in the Gallery of Mercedes Giachetti, Aguas Fuertes Porteñas in Buenos Aires.

In the city of Ushuaia expueso in the space of Culture Deliberante council, in the Hall of National Radio and recently, in the Social and Political Cultural Center.

He has worked as an illustrator for the newspaper Sol de San Telmo, he was selected to illustrate an edition of the Baron de Münchhausen's stories, he illustrated the book for stories "Cuentos de Tierra y de Fuego" by the writer Macarena Acosta Manjarrés; recently collaborated in the Fuego Magazine (supplementary Plüschow) with illustrations and Comic.

Currently, he is a teacher in the Provincial Culture Workshops and is working every day in his Workshop.


Contact information: disbuey@gmail.com
Web: Deviantart.com/alma2019


Mercedes Chiesa

Within the framework of this exhibition, I present a series of 33 inks and an installation where I converge with the essence of jazz where improvisation takes center stage. There is a basis, but even the interpreter can not know how the work will continue, he lets himself be carried by the rhythm, for the moment, by what surrounds him. The melody is in my strokes movements that combine passion and drama, a dance of the hand.


Bio Mercedes Chiesa:

Born in Ushuaia, after living 12 years in Buenos Aires, she returns in 2018 in search of continuing her artistic development, focused on rediscovering her roots, reconnecting with her land and her stories and thus plotting a new destiny. His training has been self-taught having gone through different careers and courses such as: Art direction, clothing design, acting, illustration with Mirella Musri and Ignacio Noé, painting with Eduardo Nicolai, digital retouching workshop with Natalia Taffarel, clinic of the artist Sofia Huidobro , clinic with the artist Juan Doffo.

She was selected twice for the Itaú Cultural Visual Arts Award (2015 and 2017) and for the Young Art Biennial UNL 2018 edition.

She has been illustrator of the last edition of the Ushuaia SHH International Mountain Film Festival and made several exhibitions in our province throughout 2018-2019 at the Fueguino Museum of Art, House of Culture TDF, Cultural Center Nueva Argentina, Colegio de TDF Architects and in Laboratorio Marte (BsAs).

He is currently part of the team of illustrators of the Spanish Literary Magazine, La gran Belleza.


Contact information: mercedes.chiesa@gmail.com
Web: www.mercedeschiesa.com