A trip to the south

A trip to the south

Watercolors and drawings

04.01 - 31.01.2019

Gabriel Villot


Place of Exposition

Art Gallery of Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

"A trip to the south". Artist Gabriel Villot
watercolors and drawings

This exhibition is composed of works from different periods of his work, always referring to different aspects that make the mythical "trip to the south of the world", the last site of the southernmost continent inhabited by humans since antiquity and what the conquest means. Of the frozen continent, Antarctica ... and the consequences of this conquest. The inevitable collision of the last virgin place on the planet and the arrival of the human being with its load of good intentions, of investigating, discovering, enjoying, understanding, protecting ... and the unwanted consequences for contamination and the alteration of a perfect Balance that is more subtle and weak than what we assume ...

The trip to the south, which means being surprised by the people who inhabited it almost unchanged for thousands of years until almost a century and a half ago and that with the arrival of "civilization" its fate was sealed almost disappearing ... but that They still remain in the air that slides through the forests and peat bogs of the mountain, the murmur of the streams, the hiss of the wind on the rocks of their snow-capped peaks and the roar of the sea, relentlessly striking their banks. ..

The trip to the south, which means meeting its fascinating inhabitants, so different (and similar) to the rest of the country, with their stories that began on the continent and were forever transformed in the context of the island ... and those born in her. , are condemned to leave it ... and return again and again, united by a magical link ...

All that is reflected in the watercolors and inks on canvas, which for the tenth consecutive year a lover of the south, once again offers on the white walls of the southernmost Art Gallery in the world


The exhibition will be open to the public throughout the month of January, with the presence of the artist, who, as usual, makes new works and speaks with the restless public ...


Gabriel VILLOT

A plastic artist, actor, and musician, Villot is a multifaceted and talented creator born in Santa Fe.


He studied Plastic Arts at the Provincial School of Visual Arts Prof. Juan Mantovani and at the School of Design and Visual Arts of the Municipal Lyceum of Santa Fe. He has taken part in many individual and collective exhibits in different places around Argentina (Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Rosa, Ushuaia, etc.). In Europe, he has exhibited in Rouen, France; in Neuchâtel and Fribourg, Switzerland.

He took and takes part in salons such as National Salon of Drawing and Engraving, Municipal Salon Manuel Belgrano, Salon Pro-Arte Foundation of Córdoba, National Salon of Santa Fe, National Salon of the Sea (Mar del Plata), where he was distinguished on several occasions. He was part of the group Espinal in which he exhibited many times at the main museums of interior Argentina.