06.04 - 29.04.2018

Horacio Pulido y Emilio Javier Muñoz


Place of Exposition

Art Gallery of Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

Horacio G. Pulido
I am a plastic artist, a sculptor, I specialized in iron and photography was part of my training, an essential tool to carry out my sketches. After finishing high school, together with a friend we trained at the photography school of the Quinquela Martín de la Boca cultural center. It worked in the old house of the great master. They have already spent more than 30 years of those wonderful days of training days. Today, the Art Gallery of the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia in the former prison gave me the opportunity to show my photographic work called "ANÁKENÉK" today; in Shelknan language.

Emilio Javier Muñoz,
I am an amateur photographer and, currently, I live in Ushuaia. I started with this hobby when I was very young, when I made expeditions through the Andes mountain range, in hills over 4,000 m high; there in San Juan and Mendoza.

The photos of this sample belong to the Valley of the Cure, located in the High Mountain range of San Juan, one of the regions of greater mining potential (auriferous) of the country, adjoining with the National Park San Guillermo.

And ... what struck me the most was EVERYTHING. The beauty, the colors, the varied forms, the grandeur, the majesty and the "caprice" of nature.

"Nobody wants what they do not know".