The Sphinx of paper

The Sphinx of paper


02.02 - 28.02.2018

Photographs by Fernando Arias


Place of Exposition

Art Gallery of Maritime Museum of Ushuaia


When the paper sphinx looks at the sky, it does not look for the arrival of the harvest season, but
simply the color of the sunrise. If he feels hungry, he searches for his food among the dreams of reason, devouring the monsters that lurk there. When it works, it does not produce: it illuminates. That birth, that arrival of light, annihilates the shadows of existential emptiness. The paper sphinx has an ever-changing face, the face of its time. The tribe considers it as its protective animal and for that
Many have tried to chain it. But she escapes, looks at the sky, feeds and returns to

This little paper sphinx that I built is a very humble tribute to the artists of our
community, their works are a source of light in this time where housing, the office and the factory want to chain our minds and reduce our existence to a mere quantitative weighting.

To them, with their human faces, with the light of their souls:

Thank you.

About the series

It is a group of portraits of artists from the city of Ushuaia, made between May and October 2017. The project involved painters, muralists, writers, poets, actors,
dancers, filmmakers, photographers and musicians.

Technical specifications

All photos are giclée reproductions of black and white negatives and were made
with 35mm analog cameras. High-end 100g rice paper was used for the copies.

Presentation format

Twenty-seven photographs of approximately 60x90cm mounted in box type box with
hanging support protected by UV anti-reflective glass. For its assembly, resistant vertical supports of sliding style or easels are required. It is accompanied with a standing banner with the preceding presentation.