The promise of all borders

02.02 - 28.02.2018

Photographs by Gustavo Groh


Place of Exposition

Art Gallery of Maritime Museum of Ushuaia

Gustavo Groh traces his itinerary of searching for a visual identity for his homeland. His is a local look that renews the surprise of the find. He can be moved once more by a rusty shell or the thin skeleton of an unshelled ship. Other times he laughs at paradoxes: a tilted headlight is much more than a tilted headlight. It is an uncertainty, the beginning of oblivion or a tension always on the brink of cataclysm. How long is it until everything becomes a ruin?
A forgotten boat on a deserted beach. Stranded in the sand, the Desdemona is corroded as soon as it is reached by a foam thread of the Atlantic Ocean. One day, it will be dust. Or maybe a fierce sudestada like the one that threw it out of the sea swallows it again and will again sail the waves turned into a ghost ship. In the imaginary of the island of Tierra del Fuego, legends like that come in because at this end of the world, so far from everything, nothing is impossible.
The island is put into images. Photography is a way to understand a place and a time (and to look for an essence). Hope is also in the delicate contrast of a red roof over a green house of settlers. And in the signs of rural work, in the look of an animal, in the resources of faith, in the most everyday icons or in the open door of the barge that crosses the neighbors of two countries. An exit or the entrance door from one side of the Strait of Magellan to another.