Drawings and watercolors

02.01 - 31.01.2018

Artist Gabriel Villot


Place of Exposition

Art Gallery of Maritime Museum of Ushuaia


With this name, the plastic artist from Santa Fe Gabriel Villot, opened a show in room I of the Art Gallery of the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia.

A series of new works with which he tries to capture his vision of the mystery that underlies the daily life of a region of the country and the planet where his almost extinct native peoples - with their myths and beliefs - still inhabit, resisting forgotten.

Because it is precisely that which the painter feels when capturing each of the images in his canvases, a magic that makes it possible for them to come back to life once again, to create and explain it, to give meaning and reason to all the things that around us; the ancient and wise inhabitants of this one, the last end of the Earth.

Along with the new works presented, others from previous exhibitions coexist on the walls of the gallery, which gives the show a variety that enriches the whole, without losing a common thread, they sing to us again and again that intimate melody and atavistic that accompanies us during our existence ...

And if we pay a silent attention, we can hear it, in the privacy of each of the old cells of the old prison ...

The exhibition will be open to the public throughout January, with the presence of the artist, who as usual, talks with the public while doing new works