Traces of unreality

19.08 - 28.11.2016

Fernanda Rivera Luque - Patricia Viel


Place of Exposition

Sala I, II y III. Pabellón II. Art Gallery

In a world where making jokes -or searching for the truth- can be dangerous, the fantasy becomes entangled with daily events. It is necessary to think and reconsider, so that the astonishment does not disguise reality, and deception does not defeat us. We can build castles in the air as long as we do not pretend to inhabit them.
Photography, by their authors, can bring many different unrealities if we think unreality as a different reality ... Another point of view. Another way of thinking. Another dream...
There are unrealities that hurt: to intend to fight violence with more violence, to take risks regardless of consequences, to discard food because of market demands in a world where hunger abounds, to alter the statistics, to disguise events. Totalitarianism, wars, fanaticism, madness.
But there are unrealities that allow us to move on, dreams to build a better way, hopes for possible goals.
And there are unrealities that make life friendlier: literature, theater, cinema, music.
Today we have many friends on the Internet, many more than we could ever before, we communicate with the world anywhere, anytime and immediately. But, are we any closer?
We consume products that only generate new needs, celebrity gossip displaces talent and the ephemeral impact of news becomes transcendent. We feel good because we donate used computers to third world countries, equipment that becomes electronic scrap in that same act, and we witness with astonishment the burst of a real estate bubble or the most unlikely swings in oil prices.
Photography speaks about all these things and it is a huge opportunity to approach the various shades of the "traces of unreality"