Multipurpose room

Is located in the former bakery of jail. It was designed to accommodate a wide range of events and public activities, from film screenings and lectures, receptions and exhibitions. Our intention is to present programs that emphasize learning, research, culture and creativity.

The living room has a capacity of up to 110 people
The Multipurpose Room includes
· Overhead Projector
· Multimedia Projector (PC- DVD-VHS)
· Yamaha Console amplified and 8 channels
· American Pro Console 16 channels, two powers
· A two-channel equalizer
· 4 Shure wired microphones
· 2 wireless microphones Skp
· 3 lines to amplify guitar or keyboard
· Mixer with two Dj system
· MP3 Sound

· Console with 23 channels 8 dimerized
· Console with 6 channels x 2. 6 lights dimerized
· 12 Par 64 of 1000 W

· Smoke machine


Exhibition brochure