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The capital of the Argentine sector of Tierra del Fuego, is situated between the edge of the Beagle Channel and the Martial mountain range, between the Olivia and Pipo rivers, East and West respectively. A really picturesque town due to its old houses made of wood and metal- plate with sharp inclines against the build-up of snow.

On the main street, San Martín, parallel to the coast of the channel, the ever growing number of visitors will find elegant stores offering imported goods.

Ushuaia is a tourist attraction, also for being situated in a spot of imposing scenery. It is the natural deep-water port nearest Antarctica and is only minutes away from idyllic, absolutely virgin places. When you walk along the coast or take an excursion up the Beagle Channel you will understand the meaning of the Indian word from which the city takes its name: USHU means "at the bottom", and WUAIA means "bay,cove or port". Or rather, "bay penetrating on the West"



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