History of the prison
Famous Prisoners
Prisoners Train


We invite you to walk the narrow corridors, peer into the cells to imagine what life would have been in jail.
The most dangerous convicted the country lost its name a number.
Through the gates of the Historic Pavilion it is to step back in time.
Some achieved great notoriety as the serial killer Mateo Banks who was called "the mystic", Cayetano Santos Godino sadly known as "petiso orejudo (big-eared shorty)" and anarchist Simon Radowitsky.
Indoors, severe discipline imposed. Those who had good behavior work performed outside the building as logging in forests to arriving on the train from the city center. Through workshops, prisoners covered all the needs of the emerging city. They built the roads, bridges and public buildings and in the prison ran the first printing press, the telephone, electricity, among other essential services.


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