Naval models and maquettes that recreate the history of Tierra del Fuego and the evolution of naval building. Models are from Carlos Pedro Vairo´s personal collection and built by Mirón Gonik, Gerardo Ghiringhelli, Carlos Casella, Manfredi Tramonti, Diego Florit, Daniel Mosquera, Gustavo Schmidt (en botellas), Horacio Rodriguez (miniaturas), Manuel Abella, Harvey Bonin, María de los Ángeles Martínez, Federico Escusol Galiana y Mario Luis Rivero.


You will find areas devoted to the "Fragata Sarmiento," Luis Piedra Buena's "Goleta Espora," and to the shipwreck of the "Monte Cervantes" including photographs and objects recovered from the wreck.


Autoctonous Canoes models and an insight into the people who saileded them.

Old Presidio tour. We go back in time to the first prison in Tierra del Fuego (1896) , ) intended to set up a penal colony. We continue with the building of the present premises, the inmates' life, their work routine, punishment, the prison's closure, and the sad story of some of its more conspicuous dwellers.

Photographic exhibition showing the evolution of City of Ushuaia

An exhibition of austral wildlife and its relationship whith mam.Organized by Dr. Adrián Schiavini, Favio Fraga and the Dirección Nacional del Antártico (DNA).

Permanent exhibit on Antarctic topics, organized by the Dirección Nacional del Antártico and the Director of MUSEOANTAR, Dr. Ricardo Capdevila.

Provincial Police permanent exhibit. Organized by Tierra del Fuego Provincial Police.

Naval Hydrography permanent exhibit . At present the show-rooms in Pavilion 2 are being re-distributed.

National Penitentiary Service´s Permanent exhibit. Organized by Mrs. María del Carmen Raggio de Villalba, Director of the Museo Penitenciario de la Nación, R. Balbé. (Pavilion 2).

Gold prospectors´exhibit. Both in the past and at present.

Exponents of the austral architectonic heritage. Organized by architect Leonardo Lupiano

The Pioneers and old inhabitants. It is a series of show-rooms (ex cells), showing the different aspects of the European Settlers that arrived in Tierra del Fuego. At present, new show-rooms are being developed in Pavilion 2. These will show the life and work of Anglican Missionaries.

Art Gallery Opened on 3 March 1999, in the spirit of union among Patagonic artists, this gallery will feature group and solo exhibits and other art-related activities.
Thus, a new meeting place open to everybody is born

Library, In Pavilion 2, the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia has opened the Library "Roberto J. Payró" , which includes periodicals, newspapers, maps, and videos, in cooperation with the Municipalidad de Ushuaia (Municipality of Ushuaia) and the Gobierno de la Provincia de Tierra del Fuego (Government of the Province of Tierra del Fuego)



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