In 1884, the San Juan de Salvamento Lighthouse was built on the Isla de los Estados. A Subprefecture was also built and its function was that of rescuing eventual shipwreck victims.


The lighthouse was named the "End of the World Lighthouse", due to a novel written by Jules Verne (Le Phare du Boute du Monde. Dc.1905). It was the only light that sailors had in the Austral sea. It was also the last reference before Antarctica, or what was otherwise previously called, the unknown.

In 1995, an agreement is signed between the Ushuaia Maritime Museum and the Argentine Navy in order to carry out the necessary archeological research in San Juan de Salvamento. The work was carried out in the cementary, the wharf, the Subprefecture and the lighthouse.

The remains of the lighthouse were taken to Ushuaia and, based on drawings elaborated by Mirón Gonik, a 1/1 scale maquette was inaugurated on October 3rd 1997. (vista de frente - planta del techo y vista medio frente-corte radial-sistema de iluminación)

The Maritime Museum edited a book on the "La Isla de los Estados y el Faro del Fin del Mundo" where the adventure and investigation are narrated in further detail.

At present, work is being carried out in the interior of the lighthouse in order to re-create the living conditions of lighthouse-keepers in these lighthouses, along with further archeological investigation in San Juan de Salvamento and Isla de los Estados in general.





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