Icebreaker "Ice Lady"

A Norwegian Icebreaker will be at the service of the Museo Marítimo de Ushuaia

The Maritime Museum of Ushuaia has reached an agreement for a Norwegian icebreaker to work as transport for its research activities in the near future.
The "Ice Lady" is going to sail down to the South Atlantic soon, so this coming summer the staff with the Museum, supported by her, will go on with their research and surveying activities along the Patagonian shore, the Fuegian archipelago, and the Antarctic Peninsula.

The Icebreaker is expected to arrive in Ushuaia around next November. She is scheduled to set sail from Moss -port near Oslo, Norway- around September 28th.

Leaving on that day and according to the schedule, she will be calling at the following ports- Brest (France); Vigo (Spain); Oporto (Lisbon, Portugual); Madeira (Portugual); Las Palmas (Canary Islands); Salvador, Angra (Brazil); Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires, where she is supposed to arrive in the morning of November, 17th. She would be leaving bound for Ushuaia that same month. It is worth mentioning that research activities carried out during these last years by the Maritime Museum were constantly supported by the Argentine Navy, mainly through the command of the Area Naval Austral (Southern Naval Area) and its group Lanchas Rápidas (Speedboats), which transported the staff and equipment to and from the research points on many occasions.


Callas Ketch

The Maritime Museum carries out different activities, along its captain, Jorge Luis Trabuchi. Several different research projects are being developed in the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago. Among them are the following:

a) Isla de los Estados
b) Península Mitre
c) Canales Fueguinos
d) Isla Navarino
e) Support offered to climbers and glaciologists in different areas of the region that can only be reached by sea.



Research is being carried out in the places previously mentioned, aided by the expertise of specialists in different areas. Among the topics of study are regional wildlife, shipwrecks and human settlements.

These excursions are documented with photographs and videos.



Other areas under development in the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia are:

Construction of a 1/1 scale replica of the cutter "Luisito" directed by Engineer Horacio Ezcurra (for this purpose, and in order to employ young people for the required work, an agreement was signed with the Provincial Government´s Social Action Program). Works were interrupted during 1997 due to problems in the building process, wood drying, the need for final touches required to complete the "End of the World Lighthouse," and the restoration of pavilion 2.

Construction of a 5-meter long bark canoe in order to test her navigability.

The Museum is open to consider any suggestion for further improvements and projects or funding for their implementation.



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