Features: 600-mm gauge

Owner: Ministry of Justice, Penitentiary Service

Function: Transportation of timber and stones for the Penitentiary Service. Loading and unloading of goods from the pier to the Prison.

Length: It varied as time went by, and it reached over 22 km.

Locomotives: As shown in photographs, it had an Orenstein & Koppel and a Jüng. The former probably dates from 1910 and the latter from 1928. There may have been more locomotives.

Rolling stock: Small wagons, most likely Orenstein & Koppel, and a coach probably manufactured at the Prison using bogies from small carts.

It is known that it used to have wooden rails and was called Xylo-carril (wooden railway). Its small wagons were pulled by oxen.

Material about the Decauville found at the Prison of Ushuaia:

In Memoria del Ministerio de Justicia (1903), p. 610: it states that the xylo-carril was built.

In Memoria de Justicia (1915) there is information about the railway's exploitation.

RN 1911/4, p. 418, Resolution 11/18/11: Decree authorizing the acquisition of 3,000 m of rail, six trucks and flatcars, and a 25-HP steam locomotive (purchase in the market).

BO 4/10/13, Decree 3/29/13, Purchase of machinery for workshops. Among the suppliers we find O & K for the extension of the Decauville.

BO 1/8/24, Decree 11/14/23: "Guard 3º Juan Moreira is appointed mechanic for the locomotive of Tierra del Fuego as from the first of the current month substituting Antonio Celvatto, whose resignation is accepted."

BO 5/27/24, Decree on the reorganization of the Prison's staff: "The mechanic in charge of the locomotive is Ángel Chicato."

BO 10/6/31, Decree appointing a locomotive driver for the Prison of Tierra del Fuego.

BO 10/17/31, Decree to pay Orenstein & koppel for the supply of spare parts for the Prison of Ushuaia. No further details.

BO 10/26/31, Decree appointing Manuel Rodríguez locomotive driver.

Jorge Eduardo Waddell, April 2000

Note: BO (Boletín Oficial, Official Bulletin) RN: (Registro Nacional, National Records).




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