Mateo Banks, Alias "The Mystic"


He was also known as the first multi homicide and was famous at his time. Unfortunately, nowadays he would not draw anybody's attention.

His family was of Irish origin. He was born on November 18, 1872 in the province of Buenos Aires and had four siblings. His family owned two estancias: "El Trébol" and "La Buena Suerte" in Paris, situated in Azul, province of Buenos Aires.

He was charged with the killing of eight people in Azul. They were: three of his brothers, his sister-in-law, two nieces and two workers. His intention apparently was to take possession of the two estancias. He declared himself innocent and insisted in his version of the events in several interviews. [+ INFO]



Prisoner Nº 90 "El Petiso Orejudo" (Big-Eared Short man) or Cayetano Santos Godino

During 1912 Buenos Aires lived in terror because of a series of murders or attempts to kill minors. In January that year, the boy Arturo Laurora, was found dead in an abandoned house in 1541 Pavón St. On March 7, opposite a local situated in 322 Entre Ríos St., a subject set on fire the dress of Benita Vainicoff. Soon after that, the girl died because of the burns. On November 8 there was a frustrated murder. The boy Carmelo Russo was found tied and semi-suffocated by a rope around his neck.

This time somebody was arrested, but soon released as there were no merits. Finally, on December 3, 3 year-old Gerardo Giordano was kidnapped and murdered in a weekend house on Moreno St. But the following daybreak this case came to an end when the 16 year-old minor Cayetano Santos Godino was arrested in a house in 1970 Urquiza St. Then society would be secure again, but at the same time horrified and outraged by the cynicism of the offender. Soon after being arrested he declared to the press: "(...) Many times in the morning, after my mother and siblings' complaints, I went out looking for a job. As I found none I felt like killing somebody. Then I looked for someone to murder. If I found some kid, I took him or her somewhere and strangled him or her..." [+ INFO]



Convict nº 155: Simón Radowitzky or Radovitsky


This young Russian anarchist became famous for the murder of chief of police Falcón and his secretary with a bomb thrown from a car. The proceeding reports that on May 1, 1909, when the workers' movement FORA had organized a demonstration, a fight with the police takes place and five demonstrators die. A strike is called for the following day and Ramón L. Falcón's resignation is asked, but he refuses to do so. On November 14, chief of police Falcón goes to Recoleta cemetery to the burial of a frien.





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