Sailing ships carrying four or more passengers set sail from Ushuaia to cross the Hornos meridian. They can be hired directly in Ushuaia, but it is advisable to make a reservation in advance through their agents in Buenos Aires or Europe.

After setting off from Ushuaia, they sight land in Puerto Williams (Navarino I., Chile) where they complete migration formalities. As these are Chilean interior waters, a permit is required and taxes have to be paid. Chilean navy ships which take provisions for their bases in Hornos archipelago also set off from Puerto Williams. In 1993, for example, the ship "Castor" charged 40 dollars per day/passenger but departures are irregular and not previously arranged. The region has a well deserved dark reputation.

While waves strike against rocks, these islands are the first obstacle the icy Antarctic wind faces in its race north. Calms are also frequent and during them sailing ships and other vessels approach the island to visit it. There is a buoy in the Hornos anchorage, where ships moor. It is in a small bay with abundant algae at the foot of a cliff very near the post.




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