There is no exact inventory of the shipwrecks which took place since the Dutch expedition veered it for the first time in 1616. There are just research works somewhat fragmented.

n the following list we find those which were lost in the 19th century South off Cape Horn. This compilation work was carried out by Professor María Cristina Morandi of the Naval Hidrographic Service or the Argentine Navy.

 "CONSTITUCION" or "URIBE"  Chilean ship that disappeared in a tempest in October 1815. No survivers.
"SAN TELMO" Spanish ship lost in September 1819. On September, 2nd it was decreed by the MARIANA transport and had averages in the rudder, in the cutwater and in the major yard. It disappeared with 622 people on board.
"O'HIGGINS" Chilean frigate sold to the government of Buenos Aires in 1826. It sunk with the 506 people that was taking.
"PERSEVERANCIA" Spanish frigate that sunk in 1852; the wreckers were rescued by the American frigate ZENOBIA.

French vessel abandoned in a tempest in June 1853.

"AFFGHAN" American frigate sunk in October or November 1853. Wreckers rescued by the British frigate DIRECTA.
"MANCHESTER" American frigate that was ruined on 18-8-1854. Two of the wreckers were found by the Argentine brigantine METEORO on May, 25th 1855.
"CONDANCE OF LIVERPOOL" Abandoned on November, 28th 1855 in the middle of a tempest. Its crew rescued by the English ship HEREFORDSHIRE.
"JOHN GILPIN" This vessel crashed an iceberg in January 1858 and sunk. Crew and Passengers were rescued by the British Ship HEREFORDSHIRE
"BENHARD" Danish brigantine that sunk on 28-11- 1858. Crew saved by the English ship ESPERANCE.

Wrecked in October 1858.

"VISION" It was abandoned on November, 1st 1858 for being absolutely ruined by the tempests.
"AUTUMNUS" It set on fire and sunk on July, 27th 1861. All wreckers saved.
"CUBANA" It sunk in August 1862, no victims.
"REPORTER" American frigate that was ruined in 1862. Out of 36 crew members, 32 died.
"SIAM" French frigate that disappeared in October 1862.

Lost in April 1863.

"BUQUE INCENDIADO" Decreed by the Hamburger frigate ALBERTINA on August, 6th 1863. The name could not be seen, then it sunk.
"BLUE JACKET" It set on fire and sunk in March 1864.
"ARACAN" French frigate which crashed into the English frigate ADA on August, 4th 1864 and sunk. All the crew was rescued.

American vessel that sunk in 1864. Two of the wrecker were rescued by the English ship CHARLES LAMBERT.

"LADY PRUDPOE" British vessel sunk in 1864 with no lives lost.
"HEATHER BELL" Disappeared in September 1865.
"SIMON GOBLEY" English vessel that crashed into the American frigate UNION sinking immediately after. October or November 1866.

English frigate that sunk in June 1867.

"ASTRAL" American frigate that crashed into an island near Cape Horn on August, 21st 1867
"WALLASEA" British frigate abandoned by its crew in the middle of a tempest and rescued by the Italian vessel E. GRANELLI.
"E.GRANELLI" Italian vessel which after helping the WALLASEA sunk and part of the two crews died.

American frigate which wrecked on July, 4th 1868. The crew was rescued 17 days after by a Norwegian vessel.

"GRASSENDALE" English frigate which disappeared in August 1869.
"JAPON" American frigate that set on fire and sunk on August, 26th 1870. Its crew was saved by the English vessel CECILIA.

English vessel that set on fire on veering Cape Horn. It was abandoned and its captain, a sailor and a woman succeeded in arriving in Punta Arenas. The 9 people remaining died.

"RESERVE" French frigate which in the middle of a tempest was helped by a Norwegian ship that took part of the crew. The captain, the first officer and 4 sailors stayed on board to try to save the ship and disappeared on October, 5th 1872
"LOLA" Nicaraguan frigate sunk in May 1875.
"EUGENIA" German vessel sunk on October, 21st 1875.
"LE BARON" English ship set on fire and abandoned on January, 6th 1876

American vessel that set on fire in January 1876. Its crew was rescued by the British vessel PASITHEA.

"UNITED STATES" American ship which set on fire and disappeared on December, 17th 1876.
"SAN RAFAEL" English ship set on fire in 1877.
"CHAMPION OF THE SEA" Clipper sunk in 1877.

Wrecked in June 1878.

"DELAWARE" English vessel set on fire on December, 26th 1881 and was abandoned
"ROSENEATH" English ship wrecked on May, 12th 1882. A boat with its captain was recued by a German steamer. The rest arrived in the coast and were killed by the indians.
"ORACLE" English frigate wrecked against an island near the Cape on March, 7th 1883.

It set on fire in 1883 in front of the Cape and disappeared.

"PARSIFAL" Lost in front of the Cape in 1886.
"ARTIST" English vessel that set on fire on November, 3th 1887.

English frigate wrecked on August, 11th 1891.

"WAMPHLAY" English frigate wrecked on October, 19th 1891. One member of the crew disappeared.
"AMY" Danish vessel which wrecked in August 1894.

Italian vessel that in August or September 1895 crashed into the English vessel CONDOR and sunk with 16 members of its crew.

"BANKWILLE" English vessel that was ruined in April 1896.
"COMANDANTE" English Frigate subk in May, 1896

American frigate which set on fire and was lost in May 1900.

Study published in the book of wrecks "Shipwrecks in Cape Horn, Isla de los Estados, Estrecho de Magallanes,Mitre Península,Malvinas and South Georgias and Sandwich del Sur", Lic. Carlos Pedro Vairo. Edited for The Museo Marítimo y Zagier & Urruty Publicaciones).



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